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Home of a German Tor anonymity server admin raided by police


German police raided the home of a man who runs a Tor anonymity server. The police were investigating a bomb threat posted in an online forum for German police officers. One of he threat posts was traced to the I.P. address for Alex Janssen’s server, which carried in excess of 40GB of daily random internet traffic (by other people using the server). Janessen was arrested and shortly released after the charges of any link between him and the bomb threats were dropped.
Tor is an online privacy tool that allows users to anonymously communicate and browse the internet. Endorsed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other civil liberties groups, Tor is used as a method for activists, whistle blowers and human rights workers to communicate with the media. According to its developers, Tor provides online anonymity for hundereds of thousands of users around the world, the majority being in the United States, China and the EU.

After raiding Janessen’s house on a Sunday midnight and placing him under arrest, the police was not able to not take or disable the Tor server in question, which was located in a different city more than 500km away.

The incident is not a first in Germany, specially since the country Germany recently passed a law that “renders the creation and distribution of software illegal that could be used by someone to break into a computer system or could be used to prepare a break in”